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Boxer Superstores catalogue till 10.12.2023

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Boxer Superstores catalogue till 10.12.2023

See 12 pages with offers Expiring after 5 days

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History of Boxer Superstores

The Boxer Superstores was born out of The Kwazulu Cash & Carry company, which started in 1977. It started out originally with the aim of being a wholesale company but eventually modified its structure and became a functional retail outfit. The name changes to Boxer Cash and Carry in 1991, and then finally to Boxer Superstores in 1997.

The expansion and growth of the company have been remarkable over the years and every decision has been inspired by the need to see to the needs of their customers. The company has also created new branches and departments over time like the Boxer Punch, Boxer Liquor, Boxer Build, and Boxer Super Meats. They are known for their best prices and people can always relate to their tagline which is, Never Pay More Than the Boxer Price.’



Boxers Superstores offers a variety of product categories, like:

  • Fresh Food

  • Food Cupboard

  • Frozen Food

  • Convenience Meals

  • Wine & Liquor

  • Beverages

  • Baby


Boxer Superstores offer so many products on their catalogues that cut across all ages and food choices. Some of the items offered are, Soya mince, Spice mix, Chicken, Eggs, Rice, Sunflower oil, Maas, Baked beans, Cornflakes, Sausages, Milk, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Cake, Bread, Handwashing powder, Laundry soap, Fizzy drinks, Diapers, Yoghurt, and several other products.



  • Address: Corner of K43 and Nirvana Road, Trade Route Mall, Lenasia, Gauteng, 1827, South Africa

  • Phone:  011 854 1916

  • Opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 08:00am – 17:00pm

  • Saturday: 08:00am – 13:00pm


Boxer Superstores run an active delivery service. To place your order or make enquiries, call the customer service agents on 086 002-6937.


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