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Useful Why the APP?

Nowadays, your smartphone is always in your pocket and so are your favourite shops, thanks to the APP. No matter where you are, you can instantly search for a good idea in the digital catalogues, always updated on time.

Functions that will save your daily budget

  1. Location Turn your location on and our APP will show you the stores near you on a map. Check out the operating hours of your favourite shop.
  2. Shopping List While browsing the catalogues, you can add any product in the helpful shopping list which will always be with you and you will never forget your groceries.
  3. Favourites Simply mark with the heart your favourite shops and you will be able to see their latest catalogues through the Favourites menu.
  4. Set alarm You can easily sign up and receive notifications as soon as we update the latest catalogues you are interested in.

Feedback Customer reviews

  • I always follow the latest catalogues from my favourite shops. I have created a special section and I can check out only what I need..
  • Shopping has never been easier. I no longer write long lists with groceries and now I can simply mark the desired products from the catalogue and add them to my shopping list.
  • I no longer have to worry about the shops being closed. I can simply find them on the map and check the operating hours. Of course, I always browse the current catalogue for the best deals :)

Gallery What does the APP look like?

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Our tips Good ideas to use the APP

All Catalogues in one place… This is always a good idea!

Our ideas!

Enjoy the best meals!

Definately food is always at the top of your shopping list. Now with our APP you can easily check the best deals in your area. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat or dairy - all in one place at the APP.

Cousy house

Strolling around DIY and Furniture shops, comparing products and prices. Finally, after a couple of months you find the best deal for you. With our APP now you can browse the shops’ specials only through your smartphone, no need to go out of your home.

Techno mania

Our APP will satisfy every technomaniac. In the Electronics category you can find all current catalogues of the shops and the search bar will help you find the product needed.

Beauty is modern

Very often in the hectic daily life we ​​do not have time to choose the right cosmetic product for us, we just grab something. Besides displaying a wide assortment of cosmetic catalogues, our application saves time by locating the nearest store.

Prepare yourself

Comfortable clothing and shoes are crucial for the comfort of your workout. With the APP, you can browse catalogues of the sports stores, and the location function will show you the shop closest to you, where you can find the best deals of your desired items.

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More About the APP

Mobile APP collecting all digital catalogues in one place. There you can find many useful features.

  • CompatibilityThe APP is both available for iOS and Android
  • RelevancyWe will always keep you updated with the latest catalogues.
  • SupportShould you need any help, please send us an email to

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