In the Supermarkets category, you will find promotional brochures by the major retail chains in South Africa. You can also view the catalogues of supermarkets such as Makro, Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay Hyper, Boxer Superstores and many more. Stay informed about their current promotions and shop wisely.

    Whether you need food, beverages, household items or other goods offered in the major chain stores, we will help you get information about the market situation and buy what you need for your home at bargain prices.

    Every day, we upload to our website brochures with the best discounts on the market. If you need flour, meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, sugar, confectionery, cosmetics, but cannot afford to buy expensive products, our website will facilitate your choice. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive daily information you can use together with family and loved ones, and will also take advantage of quality and cheap goods.

    All the major supermarkets in the country have their own catalogues and brochures updated almost every week. We are aware of the great competition existing among the chains and the fact that new and better products are offered all the time, with prices sometimes plummeting, and this is the reason why we created this platform - to be your valuable compass in selecting items from the store.

    Apart from providing current brochures and catalogues full of promotions by major supermarkets, can help you find information about their business hours too. Also, details are published about how to contact the stores, about the vacancies you can take advantage of as well as a score by which users of our site have rated a given supermarket.

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