Frequently Asked Questions

Below you would find a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us. We appreciate your opinions and suggestions.

  • What is ? is a website collecting all current flyers and catalogues of big stores across the country. Here you will find flyers of supermarkets like Boxer Superstores, Checkers, The Good Guys, Jumbo, as well as electronics and appliances chains such as Cellucity, The Good Guys, Game, cosmetics stores, furniture chains, clothing stores and many more. All flyers uploaded on the website are updated on daily basis so that the information on the site remains up-to-date.

  • How to find the flyer I am looking for?

    The easiest and fastest way to find the flyer you seek is to use the search box at the upper side of the website. Besides the search box, you can find the desired flyer by using the category menu of the site which is specially made to be simple and concrete. After selecting the category of your store, select the store you are looking for and there you will be able to find the flyer which is current at the moment. Alternative way to search is by using the site map.

  • Is the usage of paid?

    Using is absolutely free and it will always be!

  • I am an owner of a store and I would like to publish my flyer at . How can I do this?

    In order to add your store and flyer, please visit our “Add a store” section..

  • How do I get in touch with the team of ?

In order to contact us, please visit the “Contacts” section of the site.

  • What is my profile in

By signing-up in, we offer you many benefits that are not currently available to users without a registered profile. You can take the following actions in your account to make your user experience even more accessible and enjoyable:

  1. Enter your profile account with the data you are currently using;

  2. Select the “Security Settings” submenu, which you will find on the left side of your profile;

  3. Enter your new email address. For security reasons, you'll also have to enter your password;

  4. As soon as the new email address has been saved, you will receive further instructions to confirm the changes.

  • How to sign-up?

Step 1:

You will find "My Profile" menu, located at the top of the website. Once you click on it, our registration form will be visible for you.

You have two options to choose from – either to sign-up through your personal e-mail address or through your Facebook account. By entering the required information, we give you instructions on what information to provide us with and why it is important for us, aiming at serving you the most useful and informative way. Once you've filled up the data, you just have to click on the sign-up button.

Step 2:

It is important for us to make sure that no one misuses of your personal information. For this purpose, we require a second confirmation through e-mail - to make sure you're the only one who claimed the profile registration. Therefore, we will send you a message (to the specified e-mail address), which you have to confirm within 24 hours. In case the activation time expires, you can enter again and apply for a new registration.

  • How to recover my forgotten password?

If you forget your password, just select the "Forgotten password" option on the first step prior to reaching your log-in page. Hence, we will send you an email with instructions for termination the account access, which are to be followed by you.

By following the link in your email, you will be able to fill-in your new password and re-enter your profile.

  • Change the e-mail address for your entry

You need to take the following steps, in order to change your email:

- Log into your account, using your current data;

- Select the “Security Settings” submenu - you will find it on the left side of your profile.

- Enter your new e-mail address. For security reasons, you also need to enter your password;

- As soon as you have saved the new e-mail address, you will receive instructions to confirm the changes done.

  • Is my personal data protected?

Your account access is limited by a unique individual password that you only know. Any personal information provided to is completely confidential and kept in strict privacy.

  • Should I have a profile to use

A mandatory registration is not required for browsing catalogues on the website. You can check brochures, deals, specials without registration, however, profile registration gives you the opportunity to make use of the following additional features:

  1. Selection of favourite brands in your profile;

  2. Notifications;

  3. Making a shopping list

  • How to deactivate my account?

If you wish your personal data to be forgotten by our system, you can access your profile settings and choose the option to deactivate. Your personal data will be completely deleted from our system within 30 days.


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