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We the team of value the importance of providing a website which is accessible to a wider audience, no matter the abilities or technologies which users use to access internet. We work hard every day to improve the accessibility of our site by personal computers and laptops as well as tablets and mobile devices. The aim of accessibility is to make the website useful for people with disabilities as well. This aim requires websites that are designed in such a manner that all users are provided with an equal access and positive user experience.

Website Usage

We use letter fonts which are easy for reading regardless of the abilities and technologies which the users possess. All our images have appropriate “alt” tags which give a hint about the image content if for some reason it is not loaded. Our website’s navigation is ultimately simplified and operates in a consistent manner.

Some useful tips for easier navigation at

How to increase or decrease the font size of the website?

At the “Tools” option of your browser select “Internet options”, then at “General” tab select “Accessibility”. Mark “Ignore the font sizes set by webpages” and afterwards click “OK”. At the menu of your browser select “Review”, select “Font size” and at the end select the desired font size.

How to change the font color and website colors?

At the “Tools” options of your browser select “Internet options”. At “General” tab, select “Color”. Unmark “Windows colors usage” option. Select the “Text” box and then chose the desired color and select “OK”. In order to change the default background color of the website select “Background”, chose the color you want and then press “OK”.

Where to start browsing from?

Use the site map to get an idea of the information available on the site and then chose what you are looking for.

Search Tips

One of the fastest ways to find what you are looking for is to use the search box placed at the upper side of the website. Use appropriate keywords and the search box will give a hint about the searched term. If you are looking for a store at your city use the city filter as well. This way your search will be faster, easier and precise.

Contact us

If you feel difficulties concerning accessibility of the website or you have any concerns and comments regarding its content and structure, please do not hesitate to contact us at e-mail:

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