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Liquor City is a liquor retailer and franchise offering an impressive selection of affordable alcoholic beverages from around the world. Founded by Manuel De Atouguia more than 20 years ago with the aim of answering the question “What do South Africans want?” there are now more than 250 Liquor City shops around South Africa. The company imports high-quality internationally recognised brands which are not usually widely available in South Africa. Liquor City deals for a wide variety of tastes are available from their numerous outlets at very reasonable prices. 




Liquor City catalogues showcase the broad range of alcoholic products available through its stores. These include cognac, vodka, tequila, various types of gin, Irish whisky, scotch whisky, single malt whisky, bourbon, white and dark rum, a selection of liqueurs, grappa, limoncello, sambuca, brandy, 

and a wide range of red and white wines. 


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