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In April 1977, Boxer Superstores was founded in ZwaZulu- Natal province. The company originated under the name KwaZulu Cash & Carry. Several years the company was run by its original founders while in the year of 1988 was taken from independent investors. The company changed its name into Boxer Cash & Carry’ in the year of 1991. In 1995, the branch opened two stores outside KwaZulu – Natal province in Eastern Cape region. A year later, another store opened doors in Mpumalanga. The company faced new changes of its name as well as new corporate identity logo during 1997. The new name was selected to be Boxer Superstores, which is also the current name of the company. During the next years the Boxer Superstores expanded itself and opened more stores in Limpopo and North- West provinces. Pick ‘n Pay bought Boxer Superstores in the year of 2002. In 2004, was created new brand division called Boxer Build, which was specific for builder hardware. The first Boxer Build store was opened in Eastern Cape. Nowadays, there are four different Boxer divisions: Boxer Superstores, Boxer Build, Boxer Superliquors and Punch Stores, which are serving the best services.

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