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Tupperware is one of the most famous storage-solutions brands that have a wide network in Africa. The brand that began in 1940 has grown into a worldwide network of micro-workers. These representatives of the company sell the products directly. 

Tupperware shop has a wide range of products like storage boxes, microwave containers, water bottles, etc. Each of the Tupperware specials on these products gives customers the chance at world class patented technology. 

A Tupperware catalogue will have customers swooning over the bright and beautiful range of items on offer. With its commitment to giving the best to its customers, Tupperware has built a loyal fan base.



  • Boxes

  • Chopper

  • Microwave Cooker

  • Microwave Pasta Maker

  • Steamer

  • Microwave Rice Maker

  • Shake

  • Tumbler




Tupperware deals in round, square and rectangular boxes that are spill proof. Microwave safe products like pasta maker and cooker are also something that is popular. Vegetable peeler, spinner, and warming set are other products that customers like. 



Customer Service

For queries contact Customer service department on the toll-free number – 0800600891




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